Cantata No. 158

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Der Friede sei mit dir (Peace be with you), BWV 158, is the shortest of the cantatas by Johann Sebastian Bach and features a bass soloist. It survives as a cantata for the third day of Easter but might be a fragment of a work originally written for Purification, hence there is a confusing variety of proposed composition dates, during the Weimar period and 1735.
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de:Kantate 158, el:Καντάτα 158, fr:Cantate 158, ko:칸타타 번호 158, hr:Kantata 158, nl:Cantate 158, ja:カンタータ第158号, pl:Kantata 158, ru:Кантата 158, sr:Кантата 158, sv:Kantat 158, tr:Kantat 158, zh:康塔塔号158