The Blue Danube (An der schönen blauen Donau)

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"The Blue Danube" is the common English title of "An der schönen, blauen Donau", Op. 314, a waltz by the Austrian composer Johann Strauss II, composed in 1866. Originally performed on 15 February 1867 at a concert of the Wiener Männergesangsverein, it has been one of the most consistently popular pieces of music in the classical repertoire. Its initial performance was considered only a mild success, however, and Strauss is reputed to have said, "The devil take the waltz, my only regret is for the coda—I wish that had been a success!"
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Other titles

On the Beautiful Blue Danube, ar:الدانوب الأزرق, en:The Blue Danube, es:El Danubio azul, eo:Valso de la Danubo, fr:Le Beau Danube bleu, it:Sul bel Danubio blu, hu:Kék Duna keringő, arz:الدانوب الازرق, ja:美しく青きドナウ, pl:Nad pięknym modrym Dunajem, pt:Danúbio Azul, ro:Dunărea albastră, ru:На прекрасном голубом Дунае, fi:Tonava kaunoinen, th:เดอะบลูดานูบ, zh:蓝色多瑙河