The Valkyrie (Die Walküre)

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Die Walküre (The Valkyrie), WWV 86B, is a music drama in three acts by Richard Wagner with a German libretto by the composer. It is the second of the four works that form Wagner's cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung).
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Other titles

ca:La valquíria, da:Valkyrien, en:The Valkyrie, el:Βαλκυρία, es:La valquiria, it:La Valchiria, he:הוולקירות (אופרה), hu:A walkür, ja:ワルキュー, no:Valkyrien, pl:Walkiria, ru:Валькирия, sr:Валкира, fi:Valkyyria, sv:Valkyrian, zh:女武神