Symphony No. 9 "From the New World"

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The Symphony No. 9 in E minor, "From the New World", Op. 95, B. 178, popularly known as the New World Symphony, was composed by Antonín Dvořák in 1893 while he was the director of the National Conservatory of Music of America from 1892 to 1895. It has been described as one of the most popular of all symphonies. In older literature and recordings, this symphony was – as for its first publication – numbered as Symphony No. 5. Astronaut Neil Armstrong took a tape recording of the New World Symphony along during the Apollo 11 mission, the first Moon landing, in 1969. The symphony was completed in the building that now houses the Bily Clocks Museum.
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ca:Simfonia núm. 9, cs:Symfonie č. 9, da:Symfoni nr. 9, de:9. Sinfonie, es:Sinfonía n.º 9, eu:9. Sinfonia, fr:Symphonie n° 9, ko:교향곡 9번, is:Sinfónía frá nýja heiminum, it:Sinfonia n. 9, he:הסימפוניה התשיעית ("מן העולם החדש") של דבוז'אק, lt:Iš naujojo pasaulio, ja:交響曲第9番, pl:Symfonia nr.9, pt:Sinfonia n.º 9, ru:Симфония № 9, fi:Sinfonia nro 9, vi:Giao hưởng số 9, zh:第9號交響曲