National Anthem of Mexico (Himno Nacional Mexicano)

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The "Mexican National Anthem" (Spanish: Himno Nacional Mexicano), also known as "Mexicans, at the cry of war" (Spanish: Mexicanos, al grito de guerra), is the national anthem of the United Mexican States. The anthem first started being used in 1854, although it was not officially adopted de jure until 1943. The lyrics of the national anthem, which allude to historical Mexican military victories in the heat of battle and including cries of defending the homeland, were composed by poet Francisco González Bocanegra after a Federal contest in 1853. Later in 1854 he asked, Jaime Nunó to compose the music which now accompanies González's poem. The anthem, consisting of ten stanzas and a chorus, effectively entered into use on September 16, 1854.
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Mexcian National Anthem, anthem:mx, en:National Anthem of Mexico, ar:نشيد مكسيك الوطني, ay:Mïxiku yarawi nasyunal, cs:Mexická hymna, eu:Mexikoko ereserki nazionala, fr:Hymne national mexicain, ko:멕시코의 국가, ka:მექსიკის ჰიმნი, lv:Meksikas himna, lt:Meksikos himnas, hu:Mexikó himnusza, nah:Mēxihcāltepētlacuīcatl, ja:メキシコの国歌, pl:Hymn Meksyku, ru:Гимн Мексики, sr:Химна Мексика, th:เพลงชาติเม็กซิโก, tg:Гимн Мексика, zh:墨西哥国歌