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The "Afghan National Anthem" was adopted and officially announced as such by a Loya Jirga in May 2006. According to article 20 of the Afghan constitution, the national anthem shall be in Pashto with the mention of "God is Greatest" as well as the names of the various tribes of Afghanistan. The lyrics were written by Abdul Bari Jahani and the music was written by German-Afghan composer Babrak Wassa.
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Other titles

Afghan National Anthem, National Anthem of Afghanistan, anthem:af, ar:نشيد أفغانستان الوطني, bn:মিললি সুরোদ, cs:Afghánská hymna, de:Milli Tharana, et:Sououd-e-Melli, el:Milli Tarāna, es:Himno nacional de Afganistán, fa:سرود ملی افغانستان, fr:Sououd-e-Melli, ga:Sououd-e-Melli, ko:아프가니스탄의 국가, hi:अफ़्गानिस्तान का राष्ट्रगान, id:Sououd-e-Melli, it:Sououd-e-Melli, he:המנון אפגניסטן, kk:Ауғанстан әнұраны, ku:Sirûda neteweyî ya Afxanistanê, ms:Souroud-e-Melli, na:Sououd-e-Melli, nl:Melli Tarana, ja:アフガニスタンの国歌, no:Soroud-e melli, ps:د افغانستان ولسي لاره, pl:Hymn Afganistanu, ro:Sououd-e-Melli, ru:Гимн Афганистана, sk:Sououd-e-Melli, sl:Sououd-e-Melli, fi:Afganistanin kansallislaulu, sv:Sououd-e-Melli, th:เพลงชาติอัฟกานิสถาน, tr:Afgan Ulusal Marşı, yo:Milli Tarāna, zh:阿富汗国歌