Our Fatherland (Mer Hayrenik)

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"Mer Hayrenik" is the national anthem of Armenia. Barsegh Kanachyan composed the music, while the lyrics were authored by Mikayel Nalbandian. First adopted in 1918 as the anthem of the short-lived First Republic of Armenia, it was subsequently banned after the country was invaded and incorporated into the Soviet Union. Following the dissolution of the USSR and the restoration of sovereignty in 1991, the song was re-adopted as the national anthem of the newly independent state, albeit with slightly modified lyrics.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Armenia, Armenian National Anthem, anthem:am, en:Our Fatherland, ar:نشيد أرمينيا الوطني, cv:Эрмени патшалăхĕн гимнĕ, de:Mer Hajrenik, el:Μερ Χαϊρενίκ, eo:Himno de Armenio, ko:아르메니아의 국가, hy:Մեր Հայրենիք, hi:हमारी पितृभूमि, he:המנון ארמניה, ka:სომხეთის სახელმწიფო ჰიმნი, lt:Armėnijos himnas, hu:Örményország himnusza, ja:アルメニアの国歌, pl:Hymn Armenii, ru:Гимн Армении, sl:Mer Hajrenik, sr:Химна Јерменије, sv:Armeniens nationalsång, th:เมร์ ไฮเรนิก, tg:Суруди миллии Арманистон, uk:Гімн Вірменії, zh:我們的祖國