Our Country (Maamme)

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Maamme (Finnish: , "our land”) or Vårt land (Swedish: ) is the title of Finland's national anthem. The music was composed by the German immigrant Fredrik Pacius, with (original Swedish) words by Johan Ludvig Runeberg, and was performed for the first time on 13 May 1848. The original poem, written in 1846 but not printed until 1848, had 11 stanzas and formed the prologue to the great verse cycle The Tales of Ensign Stål ("Fänrik Ståhls Sägner"), a masterpiece of Romantic nationalism. The current Finnish text is usually attributed to the 1889 translation of Ensign Stål by Paavo Cajander, but in fact originates from the 1867 translation by Julius Krohn.
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Other titles

Finnish National Anthem, National Anthem of Finland, anthem:fi, en:Our Country, be:Гімн Фінляндыі, bg:Химн на Финландия, cs:Finská hymna, el:Μάαμε, ko:핀란드의 국가, he:המנון פינלנד, la:Civitas nostra, lv:Somijas himna, lt:Suomijos himnas, hu:Finnország himnusza, ja:我等の地, no:Vårt land, nn:Vårt land, vårt land, vårt fosterland, pl:Hymn Finlandii, ru:Гимн Финляндии, sv:Vårt land, th:มามเมะ, uk:Гімн Фінляндії, zh:我们的国家