God Bless Our Homeland Ghana

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"God Bless Our Homeland Ghana" (Akan: "Yɛn Ara Asaase Ni") is the national anthem of Ghana. The anthem "God Bless Our Homeland Ghana" was originally written and composed by Philip Gbeho and adopted in 1957 and the national patriotic anthem of Ghana "Yɛn Ara Asaase Ni" was originally written and composed by Ephraim Amu and adopted in 2003.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Ghana, Ghanaian National Anthem, anthem:gh, be:Гімн Ганы, bn:গড দ্য গাম্বিয়া আওয়ার হোমল্যান্ড ঘানা, cs:Ghanská hymna, ko:가나의 국가, ja:神よ、祖国ガーナを賛美したもう, pl:Hymn Ghany, ru:Гимн Ганы, sr:Химна Гане, uk:Гімн Гани