The Hope (Hatikvah)

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"Hatikvah" is a 19th-century Jewish poem and the national anthem of Israel. The theme of the romantic composition reflects the Jews' 2,000-year-old hope of returning to the Land of Israel, restoring it, and reclaiming it as a free and sovereign nation. Its lyrics are adapted from a poem by Naftali Herz Imber, a Jewish poet from Złoczów, which was then in the Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria under Austrian rule. Imber wrote the first version of the poem in 1877, while he was a guest of a Jewish scholar in Iași, Romania.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Israel, Israeli National Anthem, Hatikva, Hatikwa, anthem:il, en:The Hope, ar:الأمل, ba:Израиль Дәүләтенең гимны, bg:Химн на Израел, ca:Ha-Tiqvà, cs:Izraelská hymna, de:HaTikwa, el:Χατικβά, es:La esperanza, fa:سرود ملی اسرائیل, ko:이스라엘의 국가, hi:हातिकवाह, he:התקווה, ka:ისრაელის სახელმწიფო ჰიმნი, lt:Izraelio himnas, hu:Izrael himnusza, nl:Hatikwa, ja:ハティクヴァ, pl:Hymn Izraela, ru:Гимн Израиля, sr:Химна Израела, tl:Ang Pag-asa, ta:இசுரவேல் நாட்டுப்பண், uk:Гімн Ізраїлю, yi:התקווה, zh:希望曲