Jamaica, Land We Love

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"Jamaica, Land We Love" is the national anthem of Jamaica, officially adopted in July 1962. It was chosen after a competition from September 1961 until 31 March 1962, in which, the lyrics of the national anthem were selected by Jamaica's Houses of Parliament. When Jamaica was granted independence on 6 August 1962, "Jamaica, Land We Love" continued to be officially used as the national anthem.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Jamaica, Jamaican National Anthem, anthem:jm, cs:Jamajská hymna, ko:자메이카의 국가, he:המנון ג'מייקה, lt:Jamaikos himnas, ja:ジャマイカ、我々の愛する地, pl:Hymn Jamajki, ru:Гимн Ямайки, sr:Химна Јамајке, th:จาเมกา แลนด์วีเลิฟ