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A homeland is the concept of the place where a cultural, national, or racial identity had formed. The definition can also mean the country of nationality, the place in which somebody grew up or lived for a long enough period that shaped his or her cultural identity, the place in which one's ancestors live for generations, or the place that one regard it as home. When used as a proper noun, the Homeland, as well as its equivalents in other languages, often have ethnic nationalist connotations. A homeland may also be referred to as a fatherland, a motherland, or a mother country, depending on the culture and language of the nationality in question.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Mauritius, Mauritian National Anthem, anthem:mu, ar:نشيد موريشيوس الوطني, bn:মাদারল্যান্ড, be:Гімн Маўрыкія, fr:Mère Patrie, ko:모리셔스의 국가, he:המנון מאוריציוס, lt:Mauricijaus himnas, pl:Hymn Mauritiusa, ru:Гимн Маврикия, sr:Химна Маурицијуса, uk:Гімн Маврикії