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"Wilhelmus van Nassouwe", usually known just as the "Wilhelmus", is the national anthem of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It dates back to at least 1572, making it the national anthem with the oldest music. Although the "Wilhelmus" was not recognized as the official national anthem until 1932, it has always been popular with parts of the Dutch population and resurfaced on several occasions in the course of Dutch history before gaining its present status. It was also the anthem of the Netherlands Antilles from 1954 to 1964.
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Other titles

National Anthem of the Netherlands, Dutch National Anthem, anthem:nl, af:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, ar:هت فلهلموس, be:Гімн Нідэрландаў, cv:Нидерландсен патшалăх гимнĕ, cs:Nizozemská hymna, cy:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, da:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, el:Χετ Βιλχέλμους, es:Wilhelmus, eo:Wilhelmus, fr:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, fy:Wilhelmus, ko:네덜란드의 국가, hr:Wilhelmus, id:Wilhelmus, he:המנון הולנד, jv:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, la:Wilhelmus (hymnus nationalis), hu:Hollandia himnusza, ms:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, nl:Wilhelmus, nds-nl:Wilhelmus, ja:ヴィルヘルムス・ファン・ナッソウエ, no:Wilhelmus, nn:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, pap:Wilhelmus, pl:Hymn Holandii, ksh:Et Wilhelmus, ro:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, ru:Гимн Нидерландов, sr:Химна Холандије, su:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, fi:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, sv:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, uk:Гімн Нідерландів, vi:Wilhelmus van Nassouwe, zh:威廉颂