The Portuguese Hymn (A Portuguesa)

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"A Portuguesa" is the national anthem of Portugal. The song was composed by Alfredo Keil and written by Henrique Lopes de Mendonça during the resurgent nationalist movement ignited by the 1890 British Ultimatum to Portugal concerning its African colonies. Used as the marching song of the failed republican rebellion of January 1891, in Porto, it was adopted as the national anthem of the newborn Portuguese Republic in 1911, replacing "Hino da Carta", the anthem of the deposed constitutional monarchy.
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Other titles

Portuguese National Anthem, National Anthem of Portugal, anthem:pt, en:The Portuguese Hymn, be:Гімн Партугаліі, bg:Химн на Португалия, cs:Portugalská hymna, es:Himno nacional de Portugal, ext:Inu nacional de Purtugal, ko:포르투갈의 국가, he:המנון פורטוגל, ka:პორტუგალიის სახელმწიფო ჰიმნი, lt:Portugalijos himnas, hu:Portugália himnusza, mwl:La Pertuesa-Hino Nacional, ja:ポルトガルの歌, pl:Hymn Portugalii, ru:Гимн Португалии, th:อาปูร์ตูเกซา, tg:Суруди миллии Ҷумҳурии Португалия, uk:Гімн Португалії, bat-smg:Puortogalėjės himnos, zh:葡萄牙人 (國歌)