A Toast (Zdravljica)

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"Zdravljica" is a carmen figuratum poem by the 19th-century Romantic Slovene poet France Prešeren, inspired by the ideals of Liberté, égalité, fraternité. It was written in 1844 and published with some changes in 1848. Four years after it was written, Slovenes living within Habsburg Empire interpreted the poem in spirit of the 1848 March Revolution as political promotion of the idea of a united Slovenia. In it, the poet also declares his belief in a free-thinking Slovene and Slavic political awareness. In 1989, it was adopted as the regional anthem of Slovenia, becoming the national one upon independence in 1991.
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Other titles

Slovenian National Anthem, National Anthem of Slovenia, anthem:si, en:A Toast, be:Гімн Славеніі, bg:Химн на Словения, cs:Slovinská hymna, ko:슬로베니아의 국가, lt:Slovėnijos himnas, hu:Szlovénia himnusza, mk:Здравица, ja:祝杯 (国歌), pl:Hymn Słowenii, ru:Гимн Словении, sr:Химна Словеније, uk:Гімн Словенії