Lightning Over the Tatras (Nad Tatrou sa blýska)

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"Nad Tatrou sa blýska" is the national anthem of Slovakia. The origins of it are in the Central European activism of the 19th century. Its main themes are a storm over the Tatra mountains that symbolized danger to the Slovaks, and a desire for a resolution of the threat. It used to be particularly popular during the 1848–1849 insurgencies.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Slovakia, Slovakian National Anthem, anthem:sk, en:Lightning Over the Tatras, ba:Словак Республикаһының Милли Гимны, be:Гімн Славакіі, bg:Химн на Словакия, cv:Словаки гимнĕ, cs:Slovenská hymna, el:Ναντ Τάτρου σα Μπλίσκα, fa:سرود ملی اسلواکی, ko:슬로바키아의 국가, he:המנון סלובקיה, hu:Szlovákia himnusza, mk:Над Татрите светат, ja:稲妻がタトラの上を走り去り, pl:Hymn Słowacji, ru:Гимн Словакии, sr:Химна Словачке, sh:Slovačka himna, tl:Kidlat sa Ibabaw ng Tatras, th:นาดทาโทรซาบลีซกา, uk:Гімн Словаччини