National anthem of Turkmenistan

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The "State Anthem of Turkmenistan", also known as the "National Anthem of Independent Neutral Turkmenistan", was adopted as the national anthem of Turkmenistan in 1996, then again with modified lyrics in 2008. The music was composed by Turkmenistani composer Veli Mukhatov, who also composed the music of the Turkmen SSR's regional anthem.
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Other titles

Turkmen National Anthem, anthem:tm, fr:Hymne national turkmène, cy:Garaşsyz, Bitarap, Türkmenistanyň Döwlet Gimni, de:Nationalhymne Turkmenistans, el:Εθνικός Ύμνος του Τουρκμενιστάν, ko:투르크메니스탄의 국가, nl:Garassyz, bitarap, türkmenistanyn döwlet gimni, ja:独立、中立、トルクメニスタンの国歌, pl:Hymn Turkmenistanu, pt:Garassyz, Bitarap, Türkmenistanyn Döwlet Gimni, ru:Гимн Туркмении, sv:Türkmenbaşyň guran beýik binasy