Flower of Scotland

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Flower of Scotland (Scottish Gaelic: Flùr na h-Alba, Scots: Flouer o Scotland) is a Scottish song, used frequently at special occasions and sporting events. Although there is no official national anthem of Scotland, Flower of Scotland is one of a number of songs which unofficially fulfil this role, along with the older Scots Wha Hae, Scotland the Brave and the more recent Highland Cathedral. It was written by Roy Williamson of the folk group The Corries, and presented in 1967, and refers to the victory of the Scots, led by Robert the Bruce, over England's Edward II at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Scotland, Scottish National Anthem, The Flower of Scotland, anthem:gb_sc, gd:Flùr na h-Alba, he:הפרח הסקוטי, hy:Շոտլանդիայի ծաղիկը, ja:スコットランドの花, ko:스코틀랜드의 꽃, sco:Flouer o Scotland, zh:蘇格蘭之花