Song of Advancing Soldiers (Tiến Quân Ca)

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"Tiến Quân Ca", also known as the "Army March" and the "Song of Advancing Soldiers", is the National Anthem of Socialist Republic of Vietnam (SRVN), both written and composed by Văn Cao in 1944. The "Marching Song" was adopted as the national anthem of North Vietnam in 1945, and was adopted as the national anthem of the new unified Socialist Republic of Vietnam in 1976, following the reunification of both North Vietnam and South Vietnam at the end of the Vietnam War. Though it has two verses, the first one is mainly sung.
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Other titles

National Anthem of Vietnam, Vietnamese National Anthem, anthem:vn, en:Song of Advancing Soldiers, bg:Тиен Куън Ка, cs:Vietnamská hymna, ko:베트남의 국가, he:המנון וייטנאם, ja:進軍歌, pl:Hymn Wietnamu, ru:Гимн Вьетнама, th:มาร์ชทหารเวียดนาม, zh:進軍歌