God Defend New Zealand

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"God Defend New Zealand" is one of two national anthems of New Zealand, the other being "God Save the Queen". Legally the two have equal status, but "God Defend New Zealand" is more commonly used. Originally written as a poem, it was set to music as part of a competition in 1876. Over the years its popularity increased, and it was eventually named the second national anthem in 1977. It has English and Māori lyrics, with slightly different meanings. Since the late 1990s, the usual practice when performed in public is to perform the first verse of the national anthem twice, first in Māori and then in English.
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Other titles

National Anthem of New Zealand, anthem:nz, be:Гімн Новай Зеландыі, cs:Hymna Nového Zélandu, el:Θεέ υπερασπίσου τη Νέα Ζηλανδία, he:המנון ניו זילנד, hu:Új-Zéland himnusza, ja:神よニュージーランドを守り給え, ka:ახალი ზელანდიის ჰიმნი, ko:신이시여 뉴질랜드를 지켜주소서, lt:Naujosios Zelandijos himnas, mi:E Ihowa Atua, pl:Hymn Nowej Zelandii, sr:Химна Новог Зеланда, th:ก็อดดีเฟนด์นิวซีแลนด์, zh:天佑新西兰