Glory to the Brave People (Gloria al Bravo Pueblo)

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Gloria al Bravo Pueblo (Glory to the Brave People) was adopted as Venezuela's national anthem by President Antonio Guzmán Blanco on May 25, 1881. The lyrics were written by the physician and journalist Vicente Salias in 1810. The music was later composed by musician Juan José Landaeta. It is said, however, that the melody has been known since 1840 as La Marsellesa Venezolana (Venezuelan Marseillaise), in reference to its subtle similarity to the French national anthem.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "Gloria al Bravo Pueblo" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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Venezuelan National Anthem, National Anthem of Venezuelan, La Marsellesa, Venezolana, anthem:ve, en:Glory to the Brave People, ca:Glòria al poble brau, cs:Venezuelská hymna, ko:베네수엘라의 국가, he:המנון ונצואלה, ja:勇敢なる人民に栄光を, pl:Hymn Wenezueli, ru:Гимн Венесуэлы, sr:Химна Венецуеле, th:โกลเรียอัลบราโบปวยโบล, zh:光荣归勇敢人民