Symphony No. 1 "Titan"


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Symphony No. 1 in D major by Gustav Mahler was mainly composed between late 1887 and March 1888, though it incorporates music Mahler had composed for previous works. It was composed while Mahler was second conductor at the Leipzig Opera, Germany. Although in his letters Mahler almost always referred to the work as a symphony, the first two performances described it as a symphonic poem and as a tone poem in symphonic form respectively. The work was premièred at the Vigadó Concert Hall, Budapest, in 1889, but was not well received. Mahler made some major revisions for the second performance, given at Hamburg in October 1893; further alterations were made in the years prior to the first publication, in late 1898. Some modern performances and recordings give the work the title Titan, despite the fact that Mahler only used this label for the second and third performances, and never after the work had reached its definitive four-movement form in 1896.
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ca:Simfonia núm. 1, da:1. symfoni, de:1. Sinfonie, es:Sinfonía n.º 1, eo:1-a simfonio, fr:Symphonie nº 1, ko:교향곡 1번, it:Sinfonia n. 1, nl:Symfonie nr. 1, ja:交響曲第1番, no:Symfoni nr. 1, pl:I symfonia, pt:Sinfonia n.º 1, ru:Симфония № 1, sr:Simfonija broj 1, fi:Sinfonia nro 1, sv:Symfoni nr 1, uk:Симфонія № 1, zh:第1號交響曲