William Tell (Guillaume Tell)

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Guillaume Tell (English: William Tell, Italian: Guglielmo Tell) is an opera in four acts by Gioachino Rossini to a French libretto by Étienne de Jouy and Hippolyte Bis. Based on Friedrich Schiller's play William Tell, which drew on the William Tell legend, the opera was Rossini's last, although he lived for nearly forty more years. The overture, in four sections and featuring a depiction of a storm as well as a vivacious finale, the "March of the Swiss Soldiers," is often played.
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ca:Guillaume Tell, cs:Vilém Tell, de:Guillaume Tell, en:William Tell, es:Guillermo Tell, ko:빌헬름 텔, hy:Վիլհելմ Տելլ, it:Guglielmo Tell, he:וילהלם טל (אופרה), nl:Guillaume Tell, ja:ウィリアム・テル, pl:Wilhelm Tell, pt:Guilherme Tell, ro:Wilhelm Tell, ru:Вильгельм Телль, fi:Wilhelm Tell, sv:Wilhelm Tell, th:วิลเลียม เทล, tr:Giyom Tell, uk:Вільгельм Телль