Libya, Libya, Libya

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"Libya, Libya, Libya" (Arabic: ليبيا ليبيا ليبيا‎, English: "Libya, Libya, Libya"), also known as "Ya Beladi", or "O my country!", is the national anthem of Libya, and was previously the national anthem of the Kingdom of Libya, from 1951 to 1969. It was composed by Mohammed Abdel Wahab, in 1951, with the lyrics themselves being written by Al Bashir Al Arebi.
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anthem:ly, ar:نشيد المملكة الليبية, eo:Libio, Libio, Libio, ko:리비아, 리비아, 리비아, it:Libia, Libia, Libia, he:לוב, לוב, לוב, ja:リビア,リビア,リビア, pl:Libia, Libia, Libia, th:ลิเบีย ลิเบีย ลิเบีย, zh:利比亚,利比亚,利比亚