National Flag Anthem

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National Flag Anthem is a patriotic song or anthem that is either sung or played during the raising or lowering of a state's flag during a ceremony. Most countries use its respective national anthem for this purpose. However, a few countries, such as the Republic of China (Taiwan), use a separate flag anthem for such purpose.
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Other titles

Flag Anthem of Taiwan, Flag Anthem of the Republic of China, anthem:tw, de:Nationales Flaggenlied, es:Canción Nacional de la Bandera, gl:Himno Nacional da Bandeira, ko:중화민국 국기가, ms:Lagu Bendera Kebangsaan (Republik China), nl:Nationale vlaglied, ja:国旗歌, ru:Песня национального знамени, th:เพลงธงชาติสาธารณรัฐจีน, zh:中華民國國旗歌