Isle of Man National Anthem (Arrane Ashoonagh dy Vannin)

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The National Anthem (Manx: Arrane Ashoonagh) of the Isle of Man, known in Manx as Arrane Ashoonagh Vannin, was written and composed by William Henry Gill (1839-1923), with the Manx translation by John J. Kneen (1873-1939). The English title is normally O Land of Our Birth.
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Other titles

anthem:im, O Land of Our Birth, cs:Hymna ostrova Man, en:Isle of Man National Anthem, es:Himno nacional de la Isla de Man, ko:맨 섬의 국가, it:Inno Nazionale dell'Isola di Man, pl:Hymn Wyspy Man, pt:Hino da Ilha de Man, ru:Гимн острова Мэн, th:เพลงชาติเกาะแมน