National Anthem of Chile (Himno Nacional de Chile)

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The National Anthem of Chile (Spanish: Himno Nacional de Chile) is also known as Canción Nacional (National Song). It has a history of two lyrics and two melodies that made up three different versions. The current version was composed by Ramón Carnicer, with words by Eusebio Lillo, and has six parts plus the chorus.
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anthem:cl, en:National Anthem of Chile, ay:Chilli yarawi nasyunal, ca:Himne nacional de Xile, de:Puro, Chile, el:Εθνικός ύμνος της Χιλής, fr:Hymne national du Chili, ko:칠레의 국가, it:Inno Nazionale del Cile, he:המנון צ'ילה, ka:ჩილეს სახელმწიფო ჰიმნი, la:Hymnus nationalis Chiliae, lt:Čilės himnas, hu:Chile himnusza, ja:チリの国歌, pl:Hymn Chile, pt:Hino nacional do Chile, ro:Imnul Național al Chile, ru:Гимн Чили, szl:Hymn Czile, sr:Химна Чилеа, tet:Puro, Chile, th:เพลงชาติชิลี, zh:智利國歌