Violin Concerto

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Felix Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto in E minor, Op. 64, is his last large orchestral work. It holds an important place in the violin repertoire and is one of the most popular and most frequently performed violin concertos in history. A typical performance lasts just under half an hour.
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Other titles

ca:Concert per a violí, de:Violinkonzert e-Moll, es:Concierto para violín, fr:Concerto pour violon de Mendelssohn, ko:바이올린 협주곡, it:Concerto per violino e orchestra, nl:Vioolconcert, ja:ヴァイオリン協奏曲, pl:Koncert skrzypcowy, ru:Концерт для скрипки с оркестром, sk:Husľový koncert, sl:Violinski koncert, fi:Viulukonsertto, th:ไวโอลินคอนแชร์โต, uk:Концерт для скрипки з оркестром