Don Giovanni


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Don Giovanni is an opera in two acts with music by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Italian libretto by Lorenzo Da Ponte. It is based on the legends of Don Juan, a fictional libertine and seducer, by Spanish writer Tirso de Molina. It was premiered by the Prague Italian opera at the National Theater, now called the Estates Theatre, on 29 October 1787. Da Ponte's libretto was billed as a dramma giocoso, a common designation of its time that denotes a mixing of serious and comic action. Mozart entered the work into his catalogue as an opera buffa. Although sometimes classified as comic, it blends comedy, melodrama and supernatural elements.
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bg:Дон Жуан, fr:Don Juan, el:Ντον Τζιοβάννι, ko:돈 조반니, hy:Դոն Ժուան, he:דון ג'ובאני, ka:დონ ჯოვანი, ja:ドン・ジョヴァンニ, ru:Дон Жуан, sv:Don Juan, th:ดอน โจวันนี, uk:Дон Жуан, zh:唐·喬望尼