Für Elise

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Bagatelle No. 25 in A minor for solo piano, commonly known as "Für Elise", is one of Ludwig van Beethoven's most popular compositions. It was not published during his lifetime, only being discovered 40 years after his death, and may be termed either a Bagatelle or an Albumblatt. The identity of "Elise" is unknown; researchers have suggested Therese Malfatti, Elisabeth Röckel, or Elise Barensfeld.
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Other titles

Poco moto (Bagatelle), ar:من أجل إليزة, arz:فور اليسيه, ca:Per a Elisa, cs:Pro Elišku, es:Para Elisa, fa:برای الیزه, fr:La Lettre à Élise, he:לאליזה, ja:エリーゼのために, ka:ელიზესთვის, ko:엘리제를 위하여, mk:За Елиза, ml:ഫർ എലൈസ്, no:Til Elise, pl:Dla Elizy, pnb:الیزا لئی, ru:К Элизе, sr:За Елизу, th:ฟูร์ เอลิส, uk:До Елізи, zh:致愛麗絲