Cantata No. 71

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Gott ist mein König (God is my king), BWV 71, is a cantata by Johann Sebastian Bach. He composed it in Mühlhausen for an annual church service that was held to celebrate the inauguration of the new city council on 4 February 1708. It is one of the six earliest cantatas Bach composed (along with BWV 150, 131, 106, 196 and 4) that are still extant. Like these other works, the text of BWV 71 is of a pre-Neumeister character, in other words it does not feature the combination of recitative and arias found in later cantatas.
The above text from the Wikipedia article "Gott ist mein König, BWV 71" text is available under CC BY-SA 3.0.

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de:Kantate 71, el:Καντάτα 71, fr:Cantate 71, ko:칸타타 번호 71, hr:Kantata 71, nl:Cantate 71, ja:カンタータ第71号, pl:Kantata 71, ru:Кантата 71, sr:Кантата 71, sv:Kantat 71, tr:Kantat 71, zh:康塔塔号71