Isaac Albéniz


Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz y Pascual was a Spanish virtuoso pianist, composer, and conductor. He is one of the foremost composers of the Post-Romantic era who also had a significant influence on his contemporaries and younger composers. He is best known for his piano works based on Spanish folk music idioms.
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Isaac Manuel Francisco Albéniz i Pascual , be:Ісак, Альбеніс, bg:Исак, Албенис, ca:Isaac, Albéniz i Pascual, fa:آیزاک آلبنیس, he:איסק אלבניס, ja:イサーク,アルベニス, ru:Исаак, Альбенис, sr:Исак, Албениз, vi:Isaac, Albeniz, uk:Ісаак, Альбеніс, ar:إسحق ألبينيز, be-x-old:Ісак Альбэніс, el:Ισαάκ Αλμπένιθ, hy:Իսաակ Ալբենիս, ko:이사크 알베니스, pa:ਇਸਾਕ ਆਲਬੇਨੀਸ, uz:Albenis Isaak Manuel Fransisko, zh:伊萨克,阿尔贝尼斯