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Good King Wenceslas Piano Rating: 4.93 out of 5 based on 14 reviews.
    • As a kid I was forced to sing this melody & others like it, for several years in elementary school & what's become known as "middle-school"--under threat of corporal punishment. Never much liked singing-period...Wonder why(?)

      But, that was then...Now, having undertaken the study of an actual musical instrument (besides my scratchy, uneven, slightly flat voice :-( ), I miss some of these old songs & I kid myself that I understand all Music better, for having embarked on the playing of some of it. This arrangement, in G-Maj., is the most accessible version of this carol I've found. Looking foreward to spiffing-up my daily drills-practice, over Holiday Season, with this melody. Thanks for making if freely accessible. :-) Seasonal Greetings, however you celebrate it.

    • Lepus-Aquaticus · 22 December 2014
    • Very simple but still very melodious and even in strict rhythm beautiful, with a simple message: Be e good human being, a helpful fellow, at Christmas time a good christian giving a hand to fellow creatures.

    • fritz vogt · 2 December 2013
    • I had been waiting for this from my teacher but now I can start practice now, awsum.

    • rose · 27 October 2013
    • It is a beautiful melody. Thank you for sharing it

    • Fco. Javier Corona Vázquez · 27 August 2013
    • lepa pesma

    • veljko · 20 August 2013
    • It is the best!

    • tim · 3 January 2013
    • Good notes correctly for my gig that I have for 2mjeseca !

    • Pianistia · 14 November 2012
    • marvelous

    • Jenny Ang · 18 December 2011
    • just great that it was here when i needed it...Many Many Thanks!!

    • Michael · 6 December 2011
    • I love to play this song on the viola

    • mulberry · 29 September 2011
    • joyful and touching

    • Andra-Andreia · 28 December 2010
    • facinating

    • drake partridge · 16 December 2010
    • I need this music for next Sunday's worship, but it is not in our church hymnal. Perhaps it may be in one of the older hymnals in my office, but I'm not there and I was pleasantly surprised to find this wonderful website. Thanks much.

    • Rev. Charles McNatt · 29 November 2010