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Suite Bergamasque Complete Rating: 5.00 out of 5 based on 17 reviews.
    • Raffinato e dolcemente complesso

    • Paolo Ferrari · 20 November 2020
    • I grew up loving this piece (Walter Gieseking, from an Angel LP I chose when I was eight or so) and I love it just as much today. It is a little universe in which I never tire of dwelling.

    • Ralph Trueblood · 25 September 2016
    • Is a nice tone. I like to work.

    • 中内かやの · 7 March 2013
    • Overall the "Suite Bergamasque" is an artwork in itself in my opinion. The famous "Moonlight" always leaves me cringe so much seems candid and pure as its title; in particular, the last note of the piece, which seems to not have to be at first glance, I leave him a magical nonsochè, is very interesting. However, my favorite is definitely the "Passepied", very lively, colorful and with a character that can be only his ...hallucinating.

    • osvaldo carpegna · 20 February 2012
    • Class piece. Thank you!

    • Ina · 1 February 2012
    • Thank you for the benefits provided. for those who are dedicated to this interpret great authors at the piano, it is a pleasure to find places like these. my sincere thanks!

    • cecilia carolina · 19 January 2012
    • Besides being a compilation of 4 of Debussy's most beautiful compositions, the
      free, downloadable edition is superb! Thank you Cantorion!

    • Harold Slovic · 10 January 2012
    • It is 涙した the beauty of the melody of the song. Indeed it is a beautiful song.

    • ぜりくり · 19 November 2011
    • With collective intelligence!

    • Martin · 27 July 2011
    • It is so amazing... you almost get too enveloped in sheer beauty of the music to observe the incredible technical accomplishments.

    • gundark · 9 April 2011
    • I've only played Clair de lune, not the whole suite, so this is very nice!
      If you only want Clair de lune, it's pages 14-19 for printing.

    • Kristen · 26 February 2009