Johann Strauss II


Johann Strauss II, also known as Johann Strauss Jr., the Younger, the Son, was an Austrian composer of light music, particularly dance music and operettas. He composed over 500 waltzes, polkas, quadrilles, and other types of dance music, as well as several operettas and a ballet. In his lifetime, he was known as "The Waltz King", and was largely responsible for the popularity of the waltz in Vienna during the 19th century. Some of Johann Strauss's most famous works include "The Blue Danube", "Kaiser-Walzer", "Tales from the Vienna Woods", and the "Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka". Among his operettas, Die Fledermaus and Der Zigeunerbaron are the best known.
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Johann Baptist Strauss, Johann Strauss Jr., Johann Strauss the Younger, ar:يوهان شتراوس الابن, bs:Johann, Strauss mlađi, bg:Йохан, Щраус (син), cs:Johann, Strauss mladší, da:Johann Strauss den yngre, de:Johann, Strauss (Sohn), el:Γιόχαν, Στράους (γιος), es:Johann, Strauss (hijo), eo:Johann Strauß (filo), eu:Johann, Strauss (semea), fa:یوهان اشتراوس (پسر), gl:Johann, Strauss (Fillo), ko:요한 슈트라우스 2세, hr:Johann, Strauss mlađi, it:Johann, Strauß jr, he:יוהן שטראוס (הבן), ka:იოჰან შტრაუსი (შვილი), la:Ioannes, Strauss (iunior), lt:Johanas, Štrausas, hu:Ifj. Johann, Strauss, mk:Јохан, Штраус (син), mr:योहान स्ट्रॉस दुसरा, mn:II Иоханн, Штраус, nl:Johann, Strauss jr., ja:ヨハン,シュトラウス2世, no:Johann, Strauss d.y., pl:Johann, Strauss (syn), pt:Johann, Strauss (filho), ro:Johann, Strauss (fiul), ru:Иоганн, Штраус (сын), sk:Johann, Strauss mladší, sl:Johann, Strauss mlajši, sr:Јохан, Штраус млађи, fi:Johann, Strauss nuorempi, sv:Johann, Strauss d.y., th:โยฮันน์ ชเตราสส์ ที่สอง, uk:Штраус, Йоганн (син), zh:小约翰,施特劳斯