Johann Pachelbel


Johann Pachelbel was a German composer, organist, and teacher who brought the south German organ schools to their peak. He composed a large body of sacred and secular music, and his contributions to the development of the chorale prelude and fugue have earned him a place among the most important composers of the middle Baroque era.
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ar:يوهان باتشيلبيل, bg:Йохан, Пахелбел, el:Γιόχαν, Πάχελμπελ, he:יוהן פכלבל, ja:ヨハン,パッヘルベル, ko:요한,파헬벨, la:Ioannes, Pachelbel, ru:Иоганн, Пахельбель, sr:Јохан, Пахелбел, th:โยฮันน์ พาเคลเบล, uk:Йоганн, Пахельбель, zh:约翰,帕赫贝尔